"CHaRMing our way towards ZeroWaste"

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NOTE: AHRC accepts many types of batteries of varying chemistries. Ask about speciality batteries and corresponding fees. 

Types of Batteries accepted for a per pound fee. 

  • ​Alkaline, non-rechargeable, $1.00 per pound
  • Alkaline (w/ Mercury), $4.00 per pound
  • ​Button Cells, $4.00 per pound

Electronics that have a recycling fee;

  • ​CRT (glass tube televisions), $1.00 per inch of screens size, measured diagonally
  • ​CRT Monitors, $7.00 each

Types of Batteries Accepted for free

  • All household rechargeable 
  • Boat, Car, Truck, RV 


Other accepted materials

Electronics (e-waste)

AHRC accepts a variety of types and sizes of light bulbs for recycling. If you do not see your type of bulb listed below, please call for more details. 

  • Fluorescent 4' & 8', $1.00 per bulb
  • Fluorescent 4' & 8' with ballast module attached, $2.00 each
  • ​Compact Fluorescent (CFL), $0.50 per bulb
  • LED, $0.50 per bulb
  • Incandescent bulbs, $0.50 per bulb

NOTE: AHRC will charge $1.50 per pound for broken fluorescent bulbs. 


Food waste can be dropped off in one of Athens-Hocking Organics' 35 gallon food waste collection containers at the CHaRM. For more about food waste, and AHRC's compost facility, see here


Food Waste

Light Bulbs

  • Scrap metal

  • Books
  • Packing Styrofoam (no peanuts or food trays, must be clean) 
  • ​Mattresses & Box Springs, $8/per unit.


What is a CHaRM? CHaRM stands for Center for Hard-to-Recycle Materials. Items or materials that are recyclable, but not accepted in normal recycling collection can be brought to 9009 Sand Ridge Road, Millfield, Ohio.

We accept many different materials for free, and some for a small fee. This location also accepts regular mixed recycling (see here for list of materials). Customers who recycle with us can also bring their household refuse for $2.00 per 35 gallon bag. 

Please see below for a full list of hard-to-recycle materials that we accept. 

AHRC electronics (e-waste) for drop-off. Most electronics can be dropped off for free including;

  • Computer Towers
  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Flat Screen monitors
  • Flat screen TV's 
  • Printers, copiers, scanners
  • Cameras

Essentially just about anything with a cord can be recycled with us. For list of materials accepted by our buyer see here


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