Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc. 

Special Materials Recycling Drives take place at the center every spring andfall for appliances, tires, furniture, fluorescent bulbs, e-waste, and householdbatteries.

Pay-as-you-throw TRASH program

Customers can pay $2.00 to throw away one 30 gallon bag of trash.Customers must also bring recycling to the center in order to participatein the program. This program is available between 9:30am and 3:30pm,Monday through Friday, and from 9am-12pm on Saturday. The recyclingattendant must be present to collect your payment.

Where to find the Recycling Center Drop-Off

Please call or email to find out what ADDITIONAL MATERIALS are being accepted at this time.

Food Waste

​Food compost including vegetable and fruit scraps. Grain, paper towels and egg shells.

Do not include meat, dairy, oils or cooked food.

Yard Waste

Dry yard waste such as sticks and leaves.

Materials Accepted 

Scrap Metal

Brass, aluminum, steel, iron, tin, copper, zinc etc. Accepted for free.

Tin & Steel Cans
Aluminum Scrap

Pet food cans, fruit and vegetable cans, etc. Aluminum foil, pie pans and other small scrap. Materials must be free of food. Labels need not be removed. 

Film Plastics

Number 2 and number 4 film plastics. Such as bubble wrap, shrink wrap, bread bags, grocery bags, sandwich bags

#1 - #7 Plastics

Plastic bottles, such as milk

jugs, pop bottles, shampoo and

detergent bottles. Clamshells and

containers such as those used for

salad, cottage cheese, yogurt, and

berries. No Styrofoam. 

Paperboard & Cardboard

 Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pop & beer boxes, paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons etc. Brown corrugated, paper grocery bags, brown/manilla envelopes. Remove plastic inserts and flatten.


Inserts can be included.

Beverage Cans

Please rinse. 


Rinse and remove caps. All colors can be mixed. Labels need not be removed. 

Magazines & Catalogs

Glossy paper, glossy junk mail.

Mixed Paper 

Letterhead, copy paper, colored paper, non-glossy junk mail, envelopes.

Recycling Center Drop-Off