Certain items from the list above can be brought to AHRC's Facility on Sand Ridge Road to be recycled. 

  • food waste
  • yard waste
  • electronics
  • DVDs & CDs
  • batteries
  • scrap metal
  • Styrofoam (board type only, no meat trays, cups, or egg cartons) 

AHRC's Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) 

Many people are accustomed to the source separated system of recycling where each recyclable material is put in different containers, which has been the method for recycling collection in the area for many years. As of July 1st, 2015 AHRC switched to  Single stream collection, also known as; mixed recycling, commingled, or single sort recycling, and enables the customers to simply place all of the recycling into one or more containers without sorting by category. This is where AHRC's new sorting facility comes into play. This new facility, termed a MRF (materials recovery facility), has many machines that are operated by AHRC staff to separate each type of recycling into separate bins. With this new machinery, comes new customer practices that can help the process run smoother during the sorting process. It is preferable if customers place all recyclables in the recycling bins loose. When materials are stuffed tightly together it takes time and man power to separate them. Bags used as container liners are not necessary, however they are not prohibited. When materials are bagged, they have to be opened and emptied before going through the sorting process.  As always, please remove food and liquids by emptying containers and giving them a quick rinse. 

​As with source separated recycling, there are materials that do not go in the curbside bin for pickup. Please only include materials accepted for curbside pickup. Refer to the list of items in red at the bottom of this page that do not go in with other recyclables for curbside pickup but may be recyclable by bringing them to AHRC's facility on Sand Ridge Road. 

Mixed Recycling: How is it Different?

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Items Accepted in Mixed Recycling