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  • Bulk Bones
  • Bulk Cheese, Eggs, or Milk
  • Bulk Oils and Fats
  • Plastic, Glass, or Metal
  • Chemicals
  • Wood
  • Aluminum Foil
  • Animal Waste
  • Vegetable Scraps
  • Fruit Scraps
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AHRC's Compost Facility

Quick Facts about Food Waste

How does this service work?

Residences and businesses can sign up compost material collection. Please refer to service levels described to left. 

AHRC uses 5 gallon, 7 gallon, and 35 gallon containers for collection of food waste for residential and commercial applications where we collect the material from your location. We also offer a drop-off locations at AHRC's compost facility at 5991 Industrial Dr.

For residences and businesses alike, collect your food scraps and place in a container for weekly collection. 

  • ​When residential customers sign up, you get a free bucket of compost soil amendment per year! 
  • Sending food waste to a compost facility keeps it out of the landfill where it produces greenhouse gases.
  • AHRC Organics is a local operation that gets its material from local sources, which promotes a sustainable economy.  
  • 26 million tons generated annually
  • 3rd largest segment of the waste stream
  • Comprises 90% of Restaurants and Supermarkets waste stream
  • A typical household generates up to 475 pounds per year. 
  • Backyard composting or participation in a compost collection service can help to prevent food waste going to the landfill. ​

The DO's and Do not's of Compost

Service Levels

​Individual Household or Business

  • Weekly Pickup, $20.65 per month

Exchange at the Athens-Hocking Organics Compost Facility

  • Drop-Off and Get Clean Bucket, $7.00 per month 

Team Member (Residential) (only available outside the City of Athens)

  • Weekly Pickup, $12.50 per month

Team Leader (Residential) (only available outside the City of Athens)

  • Free Service with Team Leader Duties
    • Collect fees from team members
    • Provide location for bucket pickup

Drop-Off at 5991 Industrial Drive, Athens Ohio

  • ​Free, with your own bucket or container

Give us a call us at 740.594.5312, or email to 

Yard waste (branches, leaves, etc,) and manure can be taken to Latta EarthWorks, LLC, a Class III compost facility in Athens County. 

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Benefits of compost collection service

Backyard Composting - Links

Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc. 

What about yard waste, manure, and other non-food waste organic material?

How do I sign up ?

​This service is currently only available in the City of Athens, The Plains, Nelsonville, and Chauncey. If you live in or close to these areas (or you business is ) fill out the form below. 

Service Collection Area Includes

City of Athens, Chauncey, The Plains, Nelsonville, and surrounding areas. 

What does the food waste turn into?

Food Waste is mixed collected and brought to AHRC's compost facility at 5991 Industrial Drive, Athens Ohio and mixed with other woody (wood chips) and non-woody (leaves, grass clippings) organic matter until a certain volume is reached. Once the desired volume (40-60 cubic yards) is reached, the mix is put in a bin for the first stage of the process (see bins in background of picture at top of this page). After one month it is turned by placing it the next bin. This turning introduces more oxygen and assures proper mixed of the material. After another month in the second bin, the materials is ready to be removed from the bin and is ready for screening (see Instagram video). Both bins have a blower system which also helps aerate the materials. Once the organic material is screened to remove larger size pieces, it can be sold as soil amendment or combined with other materials to create different soil mixtures for various purposes.