Permanent Locations (Accessible 24/7)  - Household recyclables only. 

Amesville (Athens): Residents in the Amesville & Kilvert areas can bring their household recyclables, during daylight hours to the Athens Co. Engineer’s Outpost, located at 6 Main Street, Amesville, Ohio, this location will be a permanent recycling drop-off location.

Buchtel TWP (Athens): Residents in the Village of Buchtel can bring their household recyclables to the Village Hall Parking Lot.

Benton TWP (Hocking): A recycling container will set at Benton Twp maintenance building off State Route 664 just past State Route 374

Canaan Twp (Athens): Recycling containers will set adjacent to Canann Township Garage on S Canaan Rd at Harmony Rd.

Falls Township (Hocking): Recycling containers sit in the back parking lot of the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, 601 State Route 664 N, Logan.

Falls TWP (Hocking): Recycling containers are located at 33845 Sutton Road, just off State Route 93 North. 

Good Hope TWP: Residents in and around the Good Hope Township area can bring their household recyclables to the lot adjacent to Good Hope Township Garage in Rockbridge, 26810 Main St.

Green TWP (Hocking): Recycling containers sit at Green Twp maintenance building at 328 and Front Street. 

Glouster (Athens): Recycling containers sit at 3 Carders Drive at HAPCAP building. 

Guysville (Athens): Recycling containers sit at Marathon Station, 19100 US 50.

Lodi TWP (Athens): Recycling containers sit at Shade Community Center, 2380 Old US 33.

Laurel TWP (Hocking): Residents in and around the Gibisonville area can bring their household recyclables to the Gibisonville Community Center


Lee TWP (Albany): Recycling containers sit at Lee TWP building.

Marion TWP (Hocking): Recycling containers sit at MarionTWP building, 30767 Logan Hornsmill Rd.

Murray City (Hocking):  Residents in and around the Murray City area can bring their household recyclables to the old school in Murray City.

Salt Creek TWP (Hocking): Residents in the Laurelville area can bring their household recyclables across from Young’s Market in Laurelville, 15986 OH-56.

Starr TWP (Hocking): Residents in and around the Starr Township/Union Furnace area can bring their household recyclables to the Starr TWP Building, 18520 State Route 328, Union Furnace.

Trimble TWP (Athens): A recycling roll off will set at Trimble Township Garage, 100 W Main St. 

Troy TWP (Athens): Recycling containers sit at Troy TWP Garage (just behind GoMart). 

Waterloo TWP (Athens):  Recycling containers sit at 8224 Hawk Rd., New Marshfield.

Ward TWP (Hocking): Residents in the Carbon Hill area can bring their household recyclables to the Ward Township Building, 15044 Fifth St.


Permanent Locations

Dover Township (Athens): Recycling drop off at AHRC's facility at 9009 Sand Ridge Road, Millfield Ohio. Located at corner of Sand Ridge and State Route 13, across from Athens County Job and Family Services. Now open 24 hours, no attendant on site.  Accepts household recycling, food waste, scrap metal, electronics, books, and more.  Call for details, 740.594.5312.

Public drop off locations are provided by the Athens Hocking Solid Waste District  (AHSWD) with the service being provided by AHRC. Schedule and locations are set by the AHSWD according to the Athens Hocking Solid Waste Plan

Materials Accepted

Magazines & Catalogs

Glossy paper, glossy junk mail.

Paperboard & Cardboard

 Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, pop & beer boxes, cartons,  paper towel rolls, paper egg cartons etc. Brown corrugated, paper grocery bags, brown/manilla envelopes.  Remove plastic inserts and flatten.

#1 - #7 Plastics

Plastic bottles, such as milk

jugs, pop bottles, shampoo and

detergent bottles. Clamshells and containers such as those used for salad, cottage cheese, yogurt, and berries. No Styrofoam. 

Mixed Paper 

Letterhead, copy paper, colored paper, non-glossy junk mail, envelopes.

Tin & Steel Cans
Aluminum Scrap

Pet food cans, fruit and vegetable cans, etc. Aluminum foil, pie pans

and other small scrap. Materials must be free of food. Labels need not be removed. 


Inserts can be included.

Beverage Cans

Please rinse. 


Rinse and remove caps. All colors can be mixed. Labels need not be removed. 

Public Drop Off

Current drop off locations

On the map below are the locations of our permanent center locations and other drop off locations (in conjunction with the Athens-Hocking Solid Waste District, 20 cubic yard roll-off containers are available across Athen and Hocking Counties). Click points on map for schedule information. 

Athens-Hocking Recycling Centers, Inc.